System Ownership

Solar Ownership Options & Benefits

Myth:   You have to pay thousands out of pocket to go solar! -This is Fake News!

  • Multiple ZERO MONEY out of pocket Solar Loans with extremely low interest rates allow a homeowner to purchase a Solar System with a minimum 650 Credit Score and reap the instant benefits of an Eliminated Electric bill (electric consumption offset varies per each home and roof situation).

  • You can choose to Self -Finance and have a return on investment of 5 years or less! (Investment returns vary per each home, roof, and production situation).

  • As soon as the solar system is turned on and producing power your electric bill begins to slowly go away, offset by the power the solar system produces.

  • Only ownership options allow the homeowner to be eligible for Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) mandated from the State of Pennsylvania as a reward for helping the State and utilities reach their MANDATES on Renewable Clean Energy. The homeowner is guaranteed to receive the SREC's for 15 Years.

  • The Reward is ONE SREC (Average value $40 per SREC) for every 1000 kWh of energy the homeowner puts on the grid in total. 

  • The Homeowner is also eligible for a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) of the total system cost.  This credit is received at tax time with your federal tax return.***   

  • All Solar Loans are 100% Transferable upon the sale of a home(No Lien is placed on the home).  Depending on the length of the loan, most of the time the loan is already finished by the time you sell your home. Homes without an Electric Bill are 100 Times more attractive to potential home buyers than homes with an Electric bill. Not to mention that most prospective buyers are GREEN conscious.            



All accountants and tax preparation companies are aware of this credit and how it is applied.  The Federal 30% ITC is Nationwide tax incentive that is not just for solar projects Please consult your Tax Professional about your Federal ITC eligibility .

  The Annual Savings grow and grow each year you have your Solar System, because the Utility Prices continue to increase annually due to all of the homes going solar.  A look at the cost of power from utilities in California shows it is triple what it is in New Jersey and they have passed a bill to make all new construction mandatory to be built with solar.  There is only the Federal ITC in California as the State has reached its mandate leaving the rest of the homeowners not already in the program without State mandated incentives:  Do Not miss your opportunity to let the mandated incentives reduces your bills!                


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